About Us

Our Hive Products

We are a small, hands on company that specialises in producing high quality natural hive products.

We believe that the key to quality is attention to detail. This applies to all aspect of our operation from the rearing of our bees to the packaging & storing of our products.

This intimate involvement is what sets us apart,  we control every aspect of how the product is produced, packaged, stored and ultimately sold. Therefore we are able to guarantee that our product is of the highest quality exactly how we intended it to bee.

Our bottled honey is spun in a centrifuge and bottled immediately, our comb honey is cut directly from their frames as soon as harvested, this means our honey comes to you raw. This is to ensure it retains all the goodness and nutrients that is good for you.

Our Bees

We love our bees!! We believe that the quality and unique taste of our honey is determined by our hardworking, healthy bees.

We are very supportive of policies and regulations set by the New Zealand Government to ensure the bee keeping industry and its products is one of the best in the world. Unlike most countries, New Zealand prohibits the use of antibiotics, therefore our honey is free of antibiotics residue.

Each individual batch of HoneyTales’s honey is independently tested by an International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ) accredited lab and traceable to the hive which produced your bottle of honey.

Social Responsibility & Community Engagement

We at Honey Tales believe that the conservation of honey bees is extremely important.

To achieve this objective, Honey Tales provides factual and educational information about bees and their behavior to the public through social media & workshops. We believe that by understanding the importance of bees in our environment, the public will be interested to take part in bee conservation activities such as encouraging the planting of bee friendly botanicals and reducing the usage of pesticides that are harmful to bees.

By understanding bee behavior, we may help ensure that every encounter with bees is safe for both humans and bees alike.

Furthermore, Honey Tales is actively engaging with local councils in New Zealand and conducting educational activities for schools and local communities.

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